Becca Pizza Bar restaurant branding by Fat Face Studio

Blackletter typography has a storied past. Some have aligned with a 1940's Germany and the following darkest years of modern history. However, there is something intriguing about the typographic style that's undeniable.

For FatFaceStudio's work for Becca Pizza Bar, black letter type is embraced fully. Not as an homage to its Bavarian roots, but, instead, as a way of portraying a counterculture, rebellious vibe. I have to say, I think it's working.

Becca Pizza Bar is located on a hot and steamy island in Brazil. And the restaurant's brand identity takes that heat and runs with it. It's aggressive, bold, and unapologetically overheated with pizza love.

Rough sketch illustrations add some lightheartedness to an otherwise bold and brazen brand. The aforementioned blackletter type is complemented by an equally bold condensed grotesque type family. Collectively they are set in an ultra-warm orange-yellow color and deep charcoal counterpart. The limited color palette keeps things steamy and straightforward.

The restaurant's brand identity is a mix of punk rock and tattoo parlor. 


Agency: FatFaceStudio

Country: Brazil

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