Kokoro tea beverage branding by Miriam Kechkauashvili

There are numerous trends that have been catching my eye recently. Stickerly design elements, cute and campy character illustrations, and a reboot of art nouveau typography are some worth mentioning. Another one, as exemplified here, is charcoal or graphite textured illustrations that are more low fidelity.

Kokoro is a tea brand featuring three initial blends include rose, chamomile, and lavender. The goal of the brand is to promote calmness and a sense of reset in the typical fast pace of everyday life.

Kechkuashvili's design approach employs bold, rich colors with black illustration and text. Admittedly, I personally do not favor the look and feel, but my personal tastes aside, it's easy to see how strong the design truly is. Especially the illustrations which grab the eye in their uniqueness and subject matter.

The brand boldly adorns the top of the packaging. It's thick and soft at the same time creating a cushiony feel. Under it lies the illustrations which demand attention and deliver a visual story about the flavor of the blend.

I do think the layout on the opposite side could use some work with some stronger design principles. Namely, the leading and kerning on the typography is simply too tight and creates cramped feeling that's antithetical to the rest of the brand's messaging and vibe.


Agency: Miriam Kechkuashvili

Country: Georgia

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