Answers to most common questions about products, orders, shipments, and payments.
From where do you curate the work?

We scour the internet and creative blogs looking to corral the finest branding work in the world. There is no singular source for this content.

Where can I submit my work for review?

At the moment, we're not accepting submissions to the blog. We're keeping it organic. However, we will be opening up the submissions opportunity within the net 6 months. Signup for the newsletter to get notified of when it goes live.

Will you remove the review post?

We're happy to remove posts that conflict with Non-Disclosure Agreements and other legal documents.

We do not remove posts that are perceived as negative or unflattering to the agency or client. This keeps the content honest and genuine.

For removals, please email help@bullhearted.co with a link to the post and reason why removal is being requested.

When will my order be shipped?

We ship orders as soon as we possibly can. Sometimes this is immediate, and sometimes it takes about 24 hours to get it into the mail. We will notify you when it ships and points along the process.

Can I return an order?

We accept unmarred products for return within 30 days of shipping. Please see the Returns and Refunds page for details.

When will an out of stock product be available?

We are always trying to keep items in stock. When they are out of stock we do our best to get a new shipment in as soon as possible. This can take anywhere from 14-45 days.

In some cases, we have sunset the product and will no longer be selling and producing that item. Apologies if this is the case.