New site and shop have arrived: a manifesto of sorts

It's been some time coming, but we've finally revamped this website of ours. After the sale of Vigor, I was trying to find a path ahead for this brand. It started as a quippy saying inside of the agency when I owned it. "We're not bullheaded, we're bullhearted." It grew from there into the basis for my proudest moment, publishing The Bullhearted Brand: Building Bullish Restaurant Brands That Charge Ahead of the Herd.

As The Bullhearted Brand launched and sailed into the seas of sales, it felt like something was missing. Bullhearted is more than a book. It's more than a quippy saying inside the four walls of one company. It's a mentality. A belief. It's a brand.

I launched v1.0 of the Bullhearted site about two years ago. Since then, little to nothing was done to really promote it. Mostly because of fear that leadership of the new agency would find anything done a conflict of interest. All that would change though.

Having defected from the agency and into a new post at a new company (more on them in a second), I found myself focusing back on my roots and my purpose. That purpose has been experienced by every single client I've worked alongside. Every employee and team member I've had the pleasure of collaborating with has also experienced it. And, pretty much everyone that has entered my sphere of influence knows what Bullhearted is really all about.

Creatives and leaders need the tools and knowledge to accomplish their goal respective goals. Maybe it's a creative that has gone out on her own and is looking for a path to developing her practice into a sustainably successful business. Maybe it's a restaurateur looking to launch a brand that's primed to scale. Or maybe it's an established agency looking for better tools and resources to help give more value to their clients. Bullhearted's patrons cover a wide swath, but they share a passionate heartbeat for what could be. 

That heartbeat is exactly what I fuel.

With custom designed and built tools, books that unfurl knowledge gained from 20+ years of experience, or art and apparel that add a little spice to this world, Bullhearted Creative Co is here to get your creative and strategy-minded blood flowing.

And, things wouldn't be complete if I didn't continue to uplift this industry of ours by sharing wonderful work from around the world. I revel in the work of other designers, agencies, and studios. There is so much to learn from others that I just had to continue sharing it. Inspiration was the final piece to the puzzle that completed my idea of what Bullhearted is all about.

I hope you enjoy. I hope you'll tell your friends. I hope you'll engage and accept the challenge to greater things. I hope you'll absorb what it means to be bullhearted and answer the call to be amazing. I hope you'll buy some stuff so I can keep the lights on.


Here's to what happens next. Whatever it is, it will be great.

- Joseph

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