Graces Supersonic Club branding by Estudio Albino

First, and absolutely foremost, the photography and staging for this project is out of this world. I can't get enough of it. It fully captures the vibe of the brand in all its glory. Now, to talk about the brand! 

Glaces is a club in Mexico seeking to evoke a sense of the past where maximalism, excess, and allure reigned supreme as icons of status. It's safe to say, mission accomplished.

With vibrant, rich colors as the defining element of the identity, Glaces established a direct link to the early 20th century. The reserved, yet refined typography and the classic, highly detailed illustrative elements complete the package.

Glaces' brand identity is exemplary of maximalism at its finest. With multiple logo variations, patterns, colors, and illustrations that should be competing with one another, the design team at Estudio Albino has found a way to harmonize and marry them together.

I suggest spending significant time soaking this all in. It's absolutely wonderful.


Agency: Estudio Albino

Country: Mexico

Additional Credits: NA

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