MotherBar CBD supplements website design by Nice People

After a successful brand identity and packaging design workstream, the team at Nice People dove into developing an immersive website experience for the brand, Motherbar. 

MotherBar is a CBD supplement company built for women. Their brand is a mature, calming experience across every touchpoint with a caregiver vibe weaving it all together.

The website for MotherBar extends the brand nicely, employing the colors and typography found on the packaging in a strong grid layout. Mixing in imagery of women interacting with the product adds a human, caring touch to the website while establishing a correlation between the brand and the people it seeks to attract.

Calm is the one word I'd used for the entire design and interaction which is aligned with the brand's goal of delivering stress management to women.

View the website here >>


Agency: Nice People

Country: United States

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