Palm House restaurant branding by Bootjack

Original written for the now defunct blog, Grits & Grids. This project was one that stuck in my mind. Bootjack design seems to also be defunct now, but the work holds up and it's worth sharing.

Palm House is a restaurant in the Cow Hill district of San Francisco. It’s nestled under the oldest palm tree in the city which serves as the muse for the name. Having existed since 2014, the restaurant was in need of a visual shift that connected better with the shifting patrons in the neighborhood.

The team at Bootjack steered the brand away from an old, Victorian vibe into an island-inspired, Art Deco-influenced, pastel dream. The new identity is led by a faux three-dimensional type treatment based on a classic Art Deco type style. From there the brand diverts away from Art Deco purism into other art movements including Warhol-esque collage treatments, and Industrial Era typographic layouts.

Since the restaurant is inspired by anywhere you’d find a palm tree, the team established a delightful pastel color pallete that shouts sunshine and warm days.

The final touches are found in the simple line illustrations that shore up the retro vibes perfectly.



Agency: Bootjack Design

Country: United States

Additional Credits: NA

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