Bushi ramen restaurant branding by Estudio Near

Exploring color is one of my favorite parts of designing brand identities for restaurants. However, sometimes, color is simply not needed in order to express the foundations of a brand's personality. Such is the case for Estudio Nuar's design work for the restaurant Bushi.

Bushi is a ramen restaurant found in the Villa Crespo area of CABA in Argentina. Founded by a chef who travelled the world to absorb inspiration and ideas, the brand experience is one driving by culinary aptitude and excellence. And this comes through in the identity design.

The brand identity for Bushi is confident and bold. The core typography merges thick letterforms with nuances of ingredients and utensils to create a unique lettering style that grabs the eye.

Chef's handwritten scrawl accentuates strong, domineering typography to disrupt the precision with finesse much like is found within the cuisine and house it's made.

Overall, the brand identity design for Bushi may look stark at first glance, but letting it simmer and soaking up the full suite, one quickly fall in love with this perfect expression of a brand I hope to one day try in person!


Agency: Estudio Nuer

Country: Argentina

Additional Credits: Creative Direction: Melisa Rivas & Manuela Ventura. Design: Nicole Kupczok & Melisa Rivas. Illustration: Nicole Kupczok. Architecture, Interiorism, Furniture: Estudio Te General Photography: Malena Fradkin Product Photography: Chia Estudio

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