Hellbranch Cider branding by Slagle Design

Having designed a couple of cideries myself, I've been steeped in the competitive landscape of that genre of alcoholic beverages. When one thinks of cider they immediately jump to apples and apple related mnemonic devices. It only makes sense but as a result, the cider market is overrun with the visual clichés. 

Yet, it's difficult to pull away from the power of the apple and the immediate connotations it brings forth with regard to cider. The question is, how do you do it differently. And this is what makes Slagle Design's work for Hellbranch Cider Company so remarkable.

Yes, there is an apple in the logo, but it's incorporated into a visual story that's not too busy to become over-illustrated for an identity. Instead, it rests upon a trident that serves as a direct nod to "hell" imagery. That trident features leaves stemming from it which brings in the "branch" aspect of the brand name. This perfect mark is circumnavigated by wonderfully bold typography that accentuates the aesthetic which is concurrently held within a buzzsaw shape.

Collectively it creates a design so obviously perfect one can't help but spend extra time admiring the execution. Hats off, and bottoms up to Slagle Design on this purely excellent look.


Agency: Slagle Design Co

Country: United States

Additional Credits: NA

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- Jeremy Slagle

Thank you for featuring this brand. I’m super proud of it and really appreciate the client’s willingness to try something different.

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