La Casa Pizzeria branding by Pato

First, I absolutely love a case study that has tons of images. Even if they're mocked up, seeing how a brand identity comes to life across all the opportunities internally, digitally, in print and elsewhere, is such a treat. So, for that, thank Pato!

Pato's work for La Casa Pizzeria is an exploration of vintage 80s aesthetics. The chunky serif typography feels like it was born and raised in that decade. I'd be completely remiss if I didn't start out with an obvious criticism. It's absolutely impossible not to see a lot of overlap with Pizza Hut. This is due to the typography more than anything else but it's a little too close for comfort for this here critic.

Moving on from that negative, there is so much to love about this identity. From the nuances of the typography design including smiling "e" letterforms and speech bubbles for the dots of the "i" forms, the brand immediately exudes a positive upbeat vibe.

To continue to build on that vibe, the designer introduces a retro cartoon character that humanizes the pizza and flour. The retro style illustration creates a jovial element that's whimsical and fun.

The brand's identity is spread across so many touchpoints, each one with its own special approach that makes the most out of the opportunity. This is so well done. No one element feels like a repeat of another. Instead it works as a family.

Collectively, the identity design for La Casa Pizzeria is a notably remarkable project if you can get past the closeness to Pizza Hut.


Agency: Pato

Country: Israel

Additional Credits: NA

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