Port of Mokha coffee branding by Manual

Coffee culture continues to burgeon and evolve. From the at-home rituals to new generations of coffee shops inspired by Scandinavia, Japan, and everywhere in between. Reaching the upper utmost echelons of coffee is the brand Port of Mokha.

Many cultures tout "the best coffee" but this brand intended to establish Yemen as the winner. It starts with the beans and the roast, of course, but none of that would matter without an eye-catching, head turning, and alluring brand that shirks the clichés found in the coffee world.

Port of Mokha's brand identity is an exercise in precision and craftsmanship. Pulling all the levers of fantastic design, from typographic excellence through finishing techniques in printing, the design team at Manual has created a visual identity worthy of the "world's best" label.

What's intriguing to me is the organic design approach to the brand's icon or mark and how that marries so well with the stern, confident, and no frills typography. It's not a match one would think would work, but here we are looking at it, and it's working.


Agency: Manual

Country: United States

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