Jätelo restaurant and food branding by Nathalie Zada

Dessert brands usually default to bright colors and images of the ingredients to push the quality of product and a sense of happiness derived from the product. While Jatelo's identity doesn't veer off from that path, it does represent a skilled execution of it that's worth sharing.

The concept for Jätelo's core logo is smart, but could be executed a bit better. When introducing script letterforms to another typeface, it's important to fine a balance in the line weights. The "lo" in this case is just thin enough to create a slight sense of disjointedness as it attempts to marry with the "Jäte." However, the concept is smart and it ends the logo design on a jovial note.

From that core identity element, the brand comes to life with beautiful photography art direction, and advertising that allows the product to do the talking (sorry copywriters of the world!)

I'd love to see the packaging constructed and a full interior design for this brand which is one of the reasons I curated and posted it. The designer has created a wonderful foundation for a fascinating brand.


Agency: Nathalie Zada

Country: Venezuela

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