Alchemy Gold beverage branding & packaging by Kutchiblok, Ltd

The non-alcoholic beverage industry continues to grow in popularity. With that growth comes a pushing of the envelope from a design and packaging perspective. As more competition floods into the market, the need to establish a clear, definitive, and well-positioned visual identity becomes paramount to success.

Alchemy Gold is a turmeric health tonic that looks more like an upscale spirits brand than anything else. And that's the magic. The elixir itself provides a gorgeous golden hue that adds a strong foundation for the high contrast label design to pop. 

The design is simple in all the right ways. It feels alchemical without venturing into the campy or hokey traps. It's confident and refined creating a position of luxury an upscale feeling when viewed.

What originally struck me with this brand was the portfolio project from the CGI company. Yes, this isn't photography. It's CGI and it's unbelievably gorgeous. I've included some shots from their portfolio to showcase the unrendered CGI work.


Agency: Kutchiblok, Ltd

Country: United Kingdom

Additional Credits: CGI: Tricycle Studio

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