Fresh Salads restaurant rebranding & design by Nacho Huizar

Tackling a rebranding project isn't easy especially when the brand has a large footprint like Fresh Salads. Fresh Salads is a notable multi-unit restaurant brand throughout Mexico. Having built a strong footprint, the brand was ready for a rejuvenation and they tapped Nacho Huizar to tackle the challenge.

Huizar's solution is a classic example of simplification mixed with strengthening. Reducing the over-designed approach that built the brand meant fortifying the elements that really mattered. In this case, it was the unique type treatment and the salad bowl icon. 

From this basis, Huizar builds out a strong, modern identity that has the right amount of flare and personality without becoming campy. A script typeface is introduced to give a more organic and free flowing vibe to the otherwise domineering compressed sans-serif grotesque. 

The color palette is maintained which is a classic selection for a salad concept. The designer introduces a secondary color, a golden yellow, to help extend the look and give it more flexibility.

This is a true brand refresh.... stress on the "fresh" part!


Agency: Nacho Huizar

Country: Mexico

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