Waygood Coffee branding by The Branding People

Drawing inspiration from oasis icons, the team at The Branding People create a lively, cartoonish identity for Waygood. Based in Houston, Texas, Waygood is set to be a place to recharge and uplift the spirit and this informed the team's design approach.

Illustrative approaches to design have had a solid rennaisance in the graphic design world after finding a lull post-90's. They brings such a lovely attitude to any identity and such is the case with Waygood. Whether it's the folks lounging on the beach, or the simple doodle-like drawings for the sticker design elements.

Illustrations can be cluttered and overwhelming to a composition so the design team employs a strong, confident sans-serif typography approach to Waygood's core logo design. This offset creates a beautiful harmony from ads to packaging.

After soaking this work up, I could definitely go for a coffee.


Agency: The Branding People

Country: United States

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