Saizon restaurant branding by Farm Design

What if Brutalism was met directly with traditional Mexican design? The result would be Farm Design's brand identity design work for Saizon, a new restaurant experience in Fresno, California. 

Saizon touts a melding of Napa Valley and Mexico City fusing the beauty of California's wine country with Mexico's capital. What seems like a mismatch of inspiration actually comes together quite well. I expect no less from the Farm Design team.

The brand identity's defining moment is the gorgeous custom typography. It's tapered features create a sense of two things joining together. Yet, it's not so over the top where readability becomes an issue. Instead, it's intriguing and provocative. 

A wolf, or "lobo", serves as a bit of a spirit animal. Instead of leading with the lobo, the team finds a way to introduce it intelligently to add more flavor to key touchpoints like the menu systems. That wolf mark's style influences other elements of the brand that find their way into the interiors and elsewhere.

Collectively the work is remarkable, I do wish there were more touchpoints to see. This brand is begging for even more.


Agency: Farm Design

Country: United States

Additional Credits: NA

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