Liquid Love restaurant branding by Ceren Burcu Turkan

If Wes Anderson were a restaurant brand, I think he'd be Liquid Love. Melding Art Deco typography with voluptuous patterns and gridline layouts, Ceren Burcu Turkan creates a nostalgic, vintage look that's fresh and unique at the same time.

Liquid Love is a gastrobar inspired by 80's era Italian trattori. The designer took this inspiration and ran with it, creating a gorgeous identity that creates a sense of laid back excitement - which I didn't think could be a thing until I saw this work.

Cupid is illustrated in a nonchallant illustration style, leading the charge for falling in love with the warm, inviting aspects of the brand. 

The brand mark is a simple looping line element that feels close to heart shape while establishing the dual "L" letterforms in lowercase cursive. This element is used sparingly but effectively to anchor design touchpoint without having to use the logo over and over again.

The only confusing aspect of the identity is the introduction of a silhouetted cupid mark instead of the illustrated version already established. I'm not sure the purpose here, but outside of that, the work does an excellent job of setting the visual tone of voice for what looks to be an amazing gastrobar experience.


Agency: Ceren Burcu Turkan

Country: Portugal

Additional Credits: Photos: Inês Ventura

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