Reclusa Parda restaurant branding by Mariella Mezquita Studio

First, and possibly most important, I am simultaneously frightened and enamored with spiders. Maybe that's why this restaurant brand identity is so striking to me. Located in Mexico City, Reclusa Parda is a restaurant and bar where Mexican food, Mezcal and the art scene converge.

The brand name, Reclusa Parda, translates to Brown Recluse, the notoriously deadly spider. And this serves as the muse for the brand's core, a woman riding a spider. 

Supporting this brand mark is a high contrast color palette with blood red as the disrupting pop. Across the entire suite of touchpoint, including the lighting inside of the location, red adds a tinge of seductive allure.

Reclusa Parda's exterior is nondescript with reserved design aesthetics and minimal signage. It's elegant in its restraint. However, inside, the brand opens up with mysterious attraction. From the menu systems to the uniforming, the brand creates unexpected moments of surprise that drive the brand's identity further into the memory core.


Agency: Mariella Mezquita Studio

Country: Mexico

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