Mi Pan bakery and restaurant branding by Firmalt

Rebranding is always a delicate endeavor when the brand has such a rich history. For Mi Pan in Mexico City, that history was built with passion and love for the art of baking. Firmalt, the branding agency in charge of the rebrand, approached the task with equal passion and dedication to ensuring that the brand's core would remain intact while ushering in a new era and look.

Mi Pan's new identity merges classic typography with modern, sans-serif boldness. Unique layouts that tactically break the grid allow the brand's identity to shine through while establishing it as contemporary and not out of date or style.

Secondary marks in the form of badges and seals serve as additional components to root the brand in its history in a way that's on trend and chic. They can be seen throughout print, digital, and physical applications and really help the brand find its visual voice.

What is striking to me is how the typography finds life and balance within the four walls. It's never mindlessly slapped on walls and always finds a path to complement the woods, glass, and natural grids found within the space.

Across every touchpoint, the team at Firmalt does a fantastic job of bringing this brand into today with a memorable, yet rooted, experience.


Agency: Firmalt

Country: Mexico

Additional Credits: Creative Director: Manuel Llaguno Copywriter: Andrea de la Mora Project Manager: Paulina Zaragoza

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