The Audo hotel branding by Studio 8585

The Audo is so much more than simply a hotel. It's a multi-use experience merging  hotel residences, a restaurant, a café, a concept store, a material library, and a creative work and event space. With so many stories to tell and communicate, the task at hand is a complex one. However, Studio 8585 showcases they're multi-faceted, highly principled approach to a fully united design experience.

Approaching such a task requires a convergence of two distinctly different talents: a birds-eye, macro view, and a detailed micro-view. Without those working in tandem, a brand experience gets either watered down and beige or it becomes disjointed and chaotic. This is not the case with The Audo. Beautiful, classic luxury with notes of post-modernism realizes their ultimate expression across a myriad of touchpoints.

From interior design through packaging design, Studio 8585 demonstrates a mastery of classic design minimalism where everything has a purpose and nothing is excess. The serif typography roots the brand in classic elegance and luxury and serves as a sturdy basis upon which every touchponts builds.

Of note is how the interior design complements print and digital touchpoints, and vice versa. Each one shines, but remains part of the broader family.

With over 45 images to soak up, I encourage you to spend a lot of time with this project. It's worth every minute.


Agency: Studio 8585

Country: Denmark

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