Poltergeist Gin branding & packaging by Parallax

Well, it's spooky season so why not jump into some work that's inspired by the supernatural?

Such is the case with Parallax's work for Poltergeist Gin. Hailing from Tasmania, an island off the Southern coast of Australia, Callington Mill Distillery brings to market an interesting and timeless family of gins. From trusty standard style gin made with a mix of classic and local ingredients, to the more modern takes like Unfiltered, Citrus, and Barrel aged, the suite of styles marry nicely together while standing on their own.

Poltergeist, a type of ghost or spirit that is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed, drove the decision to find design inspiration in the spirit board, oftentimes called a Ouija board. However, the adoption of that imagery it done with taste and doesn't become kitschy or too thematic. Instead, the intricate illustrations often found on those boards are found here on the bottle stopper label design.

Below that stopper, the glass is what really drives the design excellence. With parallel lines running vertically down the sides of the bottle, the glass has an air of elegance and classic sophistication. The label designs themselves accent this sophistication by keeping things simple and confident. 


Agency: Parallax Design

Country: Australia

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