LOOT Coffee branding by Seachange Studio

I'm always on the hunt for design and branding work that evokes a smirk. A little smile because it's just simply clever. And that's what I found with the identity design for Loot, a coffee brand based in Australia.

Western-style typography can be hokey and campy. While sometimes that's exactly the intended result, many times it's simply lazy design. That's not the case with Seachange's work for Loot.

Loot is a brand that melds western Australia design hallmarks with high fashion vibes. It's like the fashion district of New York got dropped into Australia's wild west, a era and geography not unlike America's wild west.

Spearheaded by a remarkable woodcut style type design, the brand creates a confident and clean image. Never adding color outside of the strong high contract black and white (a nod to old western films?) Loot allows for negative space and high end photography to do all the talking.

What I especially love is the use of bullet holes as a texture and device across touchpoints. This culminates into a clever sign that also features bullet holes much like one would find in an old dusty western town.


Agency: Seachange Studio

Country: Australia

Additional Credits: NA

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