Woven by Adam Smith restaurant branding by Magpie

Magpie Studio's design work for Adam Smith's Woven simply knocked me off my feet. Metaphorically speaking of course. From the wonderfully curated paper and materials to the craftsmanship of the menus, signage, and menu inserts, this brand should have every designer drooling.

Starting with a brilliant typographic design solution to the logo, the Woven brand weaves together natural textures and graphic elements harmoniously making the unrelated seem familial. 

What's truly stunning to me is the signage and the multipage menu systems that feature gorgeous embossing finishing techniques. The composition is so stunning.

However, back to reality, those menus simply wouldn't last a weekend in even a high end restaurant. Unless the pages are printed on synthetic paper, they'll lose their pristine look and feel in one night. Wine stains, water stains, and oils will quickly put those to the test and even though it may be easy to replace, it will not be cheap.

In summary, this work is absolutely top notch and any designers dream to have a client invest in printing and production at this scale. However, the menu systems would quickly be replaced by a more functional solution rather quickly if I had to bet.


Agency: Magpie Studio

Country: United Kingdom

Additional Credits: Magpie_Woven_Website_Cards Interiors: Marin Hulbert Design Stills: Anton Rodriguez Motion: David Robson

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