Pretty Patty burger restaurant branding by Karla Heredia

Another installment the stickily design trend, Pretty Patty exudes campy, and vintage kitsch in all the right ways. The brand employs vintage style illustrations of food which is also a hot trend at the moment. In this case, it makes sense and is quite fun.

Admittedly, I'm always shocked by the use of pure blue mainly because of its negative roots in PMS printing. This particular blue notoriously would never dry when printed making it a poor selection. (Showing my age here!) But we're past that and so it's great to see this blue be brought back to use again.

Another issue with blue is it's a very calming color. Calm and hunger don't go together well. Once again, I think the designer overcame this challenge by introducing more personality to the identity and mixing in warming colors that complement the core blue pulling it out of the doldrums.

Inside the restaurant, the brand has invested in realizing the stickers in the form of Lightbox signage. While this style of signage isn't expensive, it is an investment that many proprietors kill in the name of optimizing budget. So, kudos to both the designer and the ownership for making this come to life. It's so worth it.

The designer approached packaging in a great way. Rather than printing a number of different designs for food wrapping, only a pattern was printed giving the staff the ability to customize each burger with the stickers. However, the way the work is presented with multiple stickers on each burger is highly unreal because of the high paced nature of food service.

Overall, this is an impressive brand identity for a burger restaurant that I wish was a bit closer so I could try it firsthand.


Agency: Karla Heredia

Country: Mexico

Additional Credits: Photography: Nicolas Schopfer and Pierre Vogel (On Site), Karla Heredia (Product)

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