Mammamia Caffé restaurant branding by Caterina Appignani

Starting off 2024 with a good one. The restaurant brand identity design for Mammamia Caffé is an exercise in simplicity and restraint. The core logo is built from a san-serif type that's not too thick nor too thin. It's disrupted by an italic, semi-serif letterform that creates a bit of flavor in an otherwise highly minimal design aesthetic.

From this basis, the designer uses the type treatment across other touchpoint including mimicking the approach in the menu systems. The result is a simple, but confident look serving as a no-nonsense feeling where the food shines more than the brand.

The wrapping paper approach is smart in that it's used for multiple purposes: wrapping bottles and food paper liners. However, it is a bit too lackluster in that it's just the logo repeated. Some of the other touchpoint also leave the viewer or diner wanting more. A good example of this is in the water bottle.

A brass rivet serves as a binding method for the secondary menu system that features three pieces of paper. The core menu is a standard bi-fold menu layout.

Menus are an area of concern for restaurants that use a lot of oils. These menus are made from paper which means the restaurant will most likely cycle through easily 100 menus in an evening, or risk handing diners a dirty, worn menu.

Although beautiful, they are highly ineffective in the core need.


Agency: Catarina Appignani

Country: Italy

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