Pura Madre pizza restaurant branding by Amanda Vallejos

The pizza game comes with its own suite of clichés in design. Amanda Vallejos design work for Pura Madre Pizzas in Paraguay shakes all of them off.

The brand is a culmination of organic, friendly illustrations using simple lines, and strong typography with copious amounts of pink. Yes, pink!

Starting with the brand's mark, a female pizzaiola tossing dough in the air with confident nonchalance, Pura Madre sets a caring visual tone. Build from that basis, the brand introduces a bold, extended typography that grabs attention to deliver the message.

I especially enjoy how the creative extended the illustration style into simple iconography. Combined with the typography this gives the brand more interest and robustness.


Agency: Amanda Vallejos

Country: Paraguay

Additional Credits: Art Direction & Design Amy Vallejos Photography Hernán González

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