Souvlaki Taverna Grill restaurant branding by Grzegorz Sołowiński

High contrast design never looked so good as it does for the brand identity work for Souvlaki Greek Taverna & Grill. The designer has a knack for extracting intrigue from what would otherwise be a basic layout in black and white.

Souvlaki's brand identity brings a variable typography approach to static, printed materials. It seems to breathe across each touch point as the designer Solowinski finds a way to tastefully leverage the composition.

I am especially attracted to the plateware as the typography dances around the edge in a bold statement demanding attention.

What's incredible about this suite is the notable lack of any food imagery. It's especially notable in the advertising elements. However, the approach demands viewers read the words instead of getting sucked into just looking at the pictures. This approach is powerful and creates an action from those who experience the brand.


Agency: Grzegorz Sołowiński

Country: Poland

Additional Credits: Grzegorz Sołowiński

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