Edit Beer Co branding & packaging by Atlas

Edit is a pretty forgettable name for a beer company. Especially in a world abundant with hop and barley puns. However, the team at Atlas Branding bring amazing energy and life to the brand making Edit a seemingly perfect vessel for meaning.

The identity is spearheaded by a gorgeous, free-flowing typographic treament for the word Edit. This is bolstered by a strong sans-serif modern typeface that supports the main word. The combination is clean, smart, and easy to visually digest and remember.

Where the brand really hits its stride is in the packaging design. Atlas employs unique collages (a group after my own heart) that represent each beer style on the cans. Collectively they create a visual language that's anchored by strong, vibrant colors in a clean polygonal shape overtop of a beige background. The colors draw the eyes in, and the collage keeps the eyes there.

The remainder of the can gets simpler in its identity allowing for the story and beer details to be unimpeded by the rest of the design. A simple, but effective, monospace type family is used to add more flavor to the idea of the editing room floor inspiration.


Agency: Atlas Branding

Country: United States

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