Vietnam Hi restaurant photography by New Agency

Shooting food and experience are usually kept separate, but in this portfolio for Vietnam Hi, a restaurant in Ukraine, the creative team found a way to capture both in full glory.

The high contrast imagery finds a way to make both the food and set pop without shadows so deep or highlights so bright as to oversaturate the subject. It creates an almost surreal, Stepford vibe in a way that's actually appearling.

That surrealism comes to life even further as the team explores unique compositions with added props, and gradients that knock out all subject matter except for the food and the eater. These compositions help shift the photography into a unique look for the brand.

 Overall, this is a great set of photos that clearly makes a statement for the brand. It'd be hard for another restaurant to duplicate this and NOT look like a rip on Vietnam Hi.


Agency: New Agency

Country: Ukraine

Additional Credits: Art Direction, Photo Production, Set Design, Post Production: Lena Smirnova. Creative director on behalf of the client: Misha Katsurin.

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