Sweetgreen & Renee Rapp Advertising Photoshoot

When this work dropped last week, so did my jaw. It's an amazingly fresh take on a sponsorship/limited time offer campaign. And, well, I expect no less from sweetgreen who seem to challenge convention at every turn.

The brand teamed up with recording artist Renee Rapp to launch her namesake bowl as a limited time offer on the menu. Andy Phounsavat, director of Talent + Influence at Sweetgreen, spearheaded the photoshoot that once again challenges the status quo with restaurant limited time offer creative.

sweetgreen's approach to the creative was to capture Renee in the depths of the brand experience with a juxtaposition to size and scale. From the oversized receipt with appendages punching through to Renee drinking an oversized jar of dressing, the photography balances creativity with focus on the product itself without sacrificing either.

The fashion and lifestyle meets food is exactly where the restaurant industry needs to go. 


Agency: sweetgreen Corporate

Country: United States

Additional Credits: Andy Phounsavat

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