Cofeaks coffee branding & packaging by Zhangtao

Based in Portland, Oregon, however I couldn't find any record of it in searches. Therefore, I'll trudge ahead without the in situ context.

Designer Zhangtao approaches the coffee brand with a bold, curvy typographic solution. The letterforms seem to flow into one another without impeding readability while parts of the letterforms are intelligently reapplied to create continuity.

The design approach is predominantly American, but has a lovely Chinese character and support to it. The way the letterforms complement and play off one another creates incredibly intriguing visuals.

A cross mark also supports and complements the overall aesthetic. It represents an intersection or crossroads that represents the coffee ritual of connection.

The brand is applied to a series of touchpoints including takeout packaging, and coffee packaging where the designer establishes a visual language using the core logo wrapped around corners. It's eye catching and intriguing despite it becoming a bit redundant. In fact, it never loses its intrigue at all because the simplicity is its strength.


Agency: Zhangtao Design

Country: United States

Additional Credits: NA

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