Mantiqueira Brasil food branding by Ana Couto

As a well established leader in agriculture and produce, the Mantiqueira brand was i need of a refresh inside and out. The company developed a better organization for its portfolio of products and offerings, and also developed a strong commitment to animal welfare. However, their brand didn't communicate those shifts. So, they tapped the team at Ana Couto.

The new brand for Mantiqueira is spearheaded by two identifying elements: A strong lime-ish green (and you know we love it), and a thick white line that transforms with meaning from touchpoint to touchpoint. 

These elements are bolstered by a thick, strong serif-based typefamily that gives the brand a classic root while still feeling of the times. Adding in high flash photography shores up the identity as completely ownable by the the brand.

The smiling "e" mark feels like an egg, creating a correlation to the core product offering. It also establishes a graphic device where other elements can interact and intrude creating intriguing compositions that grab the eye.

Despite the fun nature of the identity, the brand never slips into campy or hokey which would surely reduce the legitimacy and trust factor. Instead, the identity is playful but serious, simultaneously.


Agency: Ana Couto

Country: Brazil

Additional Credits: Ana Couto, Rafael Torres, Luiza Cortoni, Marcela Deliza, Amanda Cinelli, Thalles Ferreira, Gabriel Martoni, Bruna Savino, Pedro Avellan, Kauan Miranda, Raíssa Torres, Luiz Felippe Netto, Allessandra Dias e Bira Oliveira Typography: Fabio Haag

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