WM Hotel branding by Toby Ng

There is a calm refinement in the respect of organic forms. There is a beauty. The team at Toby Ng Design captures it wonderfully in their branding and environmental design solution for the WM Hotel located in the quaint sanctuary of Sai Kung.

WM's brand is fully inspired by organic forms like waves and mountains. From the core identity elements to the environmental experience the brand builds and seems to breathe in and out methodically.

If God is truly in the details, then Toby Ng Design has shown us what that means with every detail of the hotel's brand experience having been considered and addressed with precision.

The core identity serves as a foundation and informant of the rest by establishing a wave-inspired typographic solution. The letterforms writhe and twist like the ebbs and flows of a tide. Despite their movement, they never lose their readability and power.

From this, the brand continues to bloom across the interior environments where wayfinding signage is introduced with an aesthetic that complements the surroundings and architecture.

If one could design at 432hz, this would be the result.


Agency: Toby Ng

Country: Hong Kong

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