With Love Confectionary branding by Vitor Freitas

Barbie isn't the only brand that can rock the color pink and Vitor Freitas' work for With Love is proof positive. The brand is fun, laid back, and unapologetically sweet. From the imagery of models interacting with the product to the design elements that evoke happy, upbeat positivity, With Love look as it was designed with it's namesake.

Vitor employs a design approach that's been trendy hard lately: stickerly mixed with retro cartoonish character illustrations. Combined, it creates a highschooly vibe which fits very well with the intended laidback vibes.

The brand never really leaves the pink area of the spectrum, despite having options in its color palette. Instead, it's pink all the way. This shows commitment to owning that color in a world where many hesitate to go full on with a limited color palette.

Where the designer fully commits to the color, he is looser with typography. The brand seems to explore many typefaces and different styles if there was one criticism I have, it'd be to set a more focused approach to the type.



Agency: Vitor Freitas

Country: Brazil

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