Ferrarelle soft drink beverage branding by Auge Design

Sometimes all a product design really needs is strong typography and clean layouts. That's how the Auge Design team approached the brand design effort for Ferrarelle, a soft drink company in Italy.

Immediately it's noticeable that the barnd is confident and upscale. The script typography that serves as the brand logo is simple, readable and strong yet unique and eye catching. 

The three core SKUs are differentiated primarily by color which represents the flavor: yellow for lemon, orange for orage, and blue for sparkling. It's a brilliant mnemonic device that makes finding a flavor quick and easy.

The rest of the packaging designs are clean but intriguing with a centered layout based on a grid with only minimal intrusions into that grid which draw the eye to key points of the brand.

Despite the cans only having a label wrapping, as opposed to direct to can printing, the shininess of the can marries well with the label coloring creating a really impressive experience.


Agency: Auge Design

Country: Italy

Additional Credits: Executive Creative Director: Davide Mosconi Design Director: Giovanni Stillittano Design: Giovanni Stillittano, Alessandro Rovatti 3d Artist / Video maker: Gabriel Cellini

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