Clave coffee branding & packaging by Alison Almeida

This week is all about the big, bold, compressed typography apparently. Alison Almeida's branding and packaging design work is one more example of how strong typography can establish a brand boldly and effectively.

Clave is a coffee producer in Brazil that believes in the power of the shared ritual of coffee. The identity is built upon a stark black background with contrasting white typography laid out within a grid system. That system and limited color palette is jolted alive with pops of one color and impediments on the grid that keep things interesting. 

While the main logo is a compressed, extra bold typeface, and the smaller supporting typography is a complementary sans-serif, geometric family, the designer disrupts the modernism of those two typefaces with a classic, bold serif to call attention to key elements of the design.

Outside of the color pop and the occasional sticker element, the brand rests its laurels on the strength of black and white color palette with a strong grid system, and, I'm happy to say, it works.


Agency: Alison Almeida

Country: Brazil

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