P1 Bouche bakery restaurant branding by Brand Brothers

Baking is a mix of chemistry, art, and magic in my opinion and when those elements converge, the beauty of baked goods comes to life. It's perfectly imperfect and that's the basis for the visual identity for P1 Bouche by Brand Brothers.

P1 Bouche is a bakery in Paris France not far from the famed P1 Atelier.  The identity leads with imperfect pen and ink doodle-like illustrations fortified by a monospace, intriguing type family.

Vibrant yellows help add color to the identity which would otherwise be black and white but doesn't take away from the power of the high contrasting palette. 

The eye catching illustrations cover two categories: baked good and mouths. What better way to capture the joy of feasting on baked goods than showing the two partners in the act?

The compositions for marketing and advertising do little more than merging a pattern of the doodles with the strength of the logo and support typography. Black and white makes it pop without needing to do much else in the way of layout.

Overall, this is a wonderful brand identity design for a bakery that has immediately found itself on my bucket list.


Agency: Brand Brothers

Country: France

Additional Credits: Photos: Brand Brothers, P1 Bouche and Sortir à Paris

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