Up & Gas sparkling drinks beverage branding by Nord Brands

Many drink brand promote hydration and refreshment but fall into the cliche colorways expected of such claims: blues. The brand identity for Up & Gas, a startup sparkling beverage brand in Brazil takes a different approach that feels more in the category of citrus.

With strong yellow-green, seafoam, and deep greens as the color palette, this brand jumps off the shelves visually speaking. The packaging design introduces organic shames and multiple colors to create a sort of camouflage pattern. The effect is powerful.

Up & Gas's core logo design is a melding of Art Nouveau organic structure and hand crafted imperfection. Having the words stacked makes for a strong composition that breaks the color patterning enough to create ease of reading and identification.

Although this imagery is all mockups, the strength of design is impossible to deny. Up & Gas has a beautiful look that will help get this brand started on the right foot!


Agency: Nord Brands

Country: Brazil

Additional Credits: Design: Pamela Picoli

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