Orpheus & The Raven wine branding & packaging design by Bravo Brands

Merging classic pen and ink, gravure illustrations with foil finishing techniques, the team at Bravo Brands creates a stellar brand family of packaging designs for the Orpheus & The Raven wines.

Although these are all treated as separate projects, I did pull them together to showcase the beauty of building a brand's visual language across touchpoints. In this case the touchpoints are varieties of wine and special editions.

The wine labels themselves carry the story of the variety or bland. From Eye of the Tiger with its fearless hunter staring down a tiger to Eternal Eights expression of infinity and closeness, the labels tell a deep story while drawing the viewer into the intricacies of the illustration.

The brand's logo does get lost in the mix, but it's not the most important element to create unity across the varieties. Instead, the illustrations themselves serve as the unifying aesthetic with the logo of the brand taking a backseat. It's highly effective and strong, and notably unforgettable.


Agency: Bravo Brands

Country: South Africa

Additional Credits: NA

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