Cloud Kitchen restaurant branding by Geneza Brands

Cloud kitchens and virtual kitchens caught fire and gained traction during the pandemic. What was great was they seemed to be more daring in their brand foundations with fun naming and design. What was bad was how mindlessly they were created and launched and as a result we've seen them struggle to keep traction.

The branding and design work for Cloud Kitchens makes a statement that great design and strategy can create a lasting brand. Designed by Geneza Brands, the identity is quirky without being too chaotic, and principled without becoming boring.

Designer Bolanle Banwo Osadolo creates a bold brand spearheaded by a bold, sans serif, compressed typography. It's supported by fun graphic elements land stickers to break up the boldness and intensity.

The way the brand grows with each touchpoint makes this so stunning. From delivery vehicles to packaging, the Cloud Kitchen brands seems to be one more thing worth looking at. That's hard to accomplish but the designer absolutely aces it.

Enjoy those fun animations, too!


Agency: Geneza Brands

Country: United Kingdom

Additional Credits: NA

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