SOF Hotel branding by Pop & Pac

SOF Hotel is hidden among the ruins of the Central District of Taichung City, Taiwan. The area is a showcase of raw materials in their most beautiful form, naturally worn away. The hotel takes inspiration from this as does the brand identity work created by Pop & Pac.

The hotel's brand is rooted in earthy colors and a masterful use of grid layouts. Highly detailed illustrations of local flora create an even deeper connection to the environment and earth.

As a brand, this is beautifully controlled and precise. Structure creates a sense of calm and relaxation and the reconnection to earthly elements gives on the sense of stability and purity.


Agency: Pop & Pac

Country: Australia

Additional Credits: (copywriting), @gunntaylorprinters (print), @press_print_solutions (print), @premiergraphicsau (signage), @foliolio (folio photography)

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