Lineage Bakery branding by Poolboy

Last week this project not only caught my eye, it demanded my attention. Something struck me about the suite of images for this bakery rebrand. I think it was its beigeness and how the team at Poolboy found a way to make it anything but vanilla.

The identity evolution for Lineage Bakery was driven by the addition of new offerings in the way of coffees. As a bakery, Lineage had already developed a strong name for beautiful pastries as led by their iconic croissant. With the addition of coffees, the bakery sparked a push forward with the Poolboy team.

Lineage's new look is an expression of how beautiful natural colors can truly be. From deep charcoals, shaded caramel, bright peach, and milky beige, the feeling is calm and intriguing. 

Large, compressed typography leads the charge for the brand experience from packaging through the façade of the storefront. You can't miss it even when it's set in white on a light beige background. 

The team employs the stickerly design trend showcasing custom icons that represent different elements of the brand's offering from the croissant to coffee and more.

Collectively this is exemplary of a well designed, well thought-out brand identity. Take note!


Agency: Poolboy Studio

Country: United States

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