Gallus Whisky branding & packaging design by Denomination

In the world of design, maximalism seems to be taking hold as the trend of the hour. Stickers and seals and graphic elements that impede on headlines. It's an era of whirling dervishes that overloads the senses. While I'm not calling that a bad thing, the flood of this type of work makes restrained, precision-focused design that much more delicious. Such is the case in the work for Gallus Whisky.

Denomination, a stellar beverage branding agency, showcases what amazing design is truly all about. In a world where throwback, faux-vintage design aesthetics from label to glass dominates, Gallus stands stoic in simplicity and perfection. From the design of the glass to the stopper and every detail in between, the team has crafted a gorgeous look and feel that puts the focus on the "sauce."

The branding and packaging design for Gallus reminds us that oftentimes it's the notes a musician doesn't play that make the piece stronger. Same with design. Finishing techniques like embossments on the rubber band, and hand finished small labels create a sense of purposefulness. Collectively, it's a well orchestrated wonder and something I could simply stare at for hours. In fact, I already have...well.. many minutes that is.


Agency: Denomination

Country: Australia, United States, United Kingdom

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