Vero True Food restaurant branding by Crown Creative

Natural colors can be absolutely gorgeous. Especially when they celebrate the beauty of produce like fruits and vegetables. In an effort to establish Vero, a restaurant brand in Northern Ireland, as a clean, natural brand, the team at Crown Creative took inspiration from natural colors.

Deep greens serve as a basis for the brand's identity serve as a strong foundation for pops of vibrant colors like carrot, pepper, and more. These colors are expressed through simple shapes that represent the food ingredients which are offset by strong, simple layouts.

The brand's logo is a simple, but intriguing typographic solution that's thick and sturdy. It evokes a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. The supporting typography doesn't impede on the power of the brand typography. Instead, it gives it more flavor allowing it to take center stage.

One criticism is how close to sweetgreen this identity feels. It's not completely on the nose, but also not far enough away in my opinion. Couple that with the description text, "true food," already existing as a well known brand in the same space. Together it's tough to say this is completely original, but that doesn't take away from its beauty and strong design.


Agency: Crown Creative

Country: Northern Ireland

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